In this complicated situation, we want to guarantee our clients the peace of mind they deserve so that they can carry out their plans without having any extra worries.

From our company we are carrying out removals and platform services with all the sanitary guarantees, complying with the use of EPIS and the rest of the regulations.

However, we provide you with a small guide issued by the Spanish Moving Federation, with which we are associated, on how our activity will be carried out and the recommendations we make to you, our clients.

By following these steps on the part of everyone, we will manage to make your move safely and responsibly.

If you wish to consult more advice on the realization of removals, you can access our blog by clicking here.



We are a company founded in 1985 in order to offer our clients a complete and high-quality moving service.


The long history of our company has given us a great experience in all kinds of removals, both locally, nationally and internationally.

To ensure compliance with the best quality standards and continue training and improving, we are part of the Spanish Federation of Removals (FEDEM).


We have offices in the main cities and we have a large fleet of vehicles of different sizes, including external lifts. All this accompanied by the best qualified personnel for any type of service that you entrust us.

We have the latest and most advanced protection systems to guarantee the quality and safety of your move.

We have extensive experience in transporting any type of object, from furniture and personal belongings to vehicles, pianos or works of art.

Likewise, we also carry out removals of offices, companies, laboratories, clinics, etc. having the most suitable personnel and means for each type of transfer in order to carry it out as quickly and efficiently as possible.


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Dates: June 2020


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